UBI Alumnus Berat Bilim wins the Oshkosh Excellence Award 2023 Quick Win

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In a heartening display of dedication to both professional excellence and social responsibility, our distinguished alumnus, Berat Bilim, has been awarded the prestigious Oshkosh Excellence Award (OEA) in the Quick Win category for 2023. This alumnus, whose achievements reflect the ethos instilled by UBI Business School, has chosen to not only excel in his field but also to give back to the community in a significant and meaningful way. 

The Oshkosh Excellence Award, presented annually by Oshkosh Corporation, celebrates individuals who have made exceptional contributions within various segments of the company. Our alumnus, representing JLG Industries in the Access segment, has been recognised for his outstanding work in the field, partly thanks to the guidance, knowledge, and support he received during his time at UBI Business School. This underscores the importance of nurturing talent and fostering an environment where students are encouraged to reach their full potential.

The award, which comes with a prize of $3,500, stands out not merely as a personal triumph to Berat but to the altruistic decision made by our alumnus to donate it to supports children and youth in need in Turkey through Turk Egitim Vakfi . This act of generosity exemplifies the values of empathy and social responsibility that lie at the core of UBI Business School’s mission. 

Moreover, this accolade opens doors to further opportunities for our alumnus. As part of the award, he has been invited to the OEA Global Week Summit at Oshkosh Headquarters in Wisconsin where he will compete for the Grand Prize of $6,000 against other segment winners, amidst a plethora of engaging activities and networking opportunities.

“I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the environment UBI Business School has created—one that champions growth, learning, and the pursuit of excellence. My journey thus far has been profoundly shaped by the insights, encouragement, and high standards upheld by our faculty and my peers. As I prepare for the upcoming summit, I carry with me the pride and responsibility of representing our esteemed institution. Regardless of the outcome, I am eager to apply and share the knowledge and values I have gathered during my time at UBI Business School.” – Berat BILIM

UBI Business School takes immense pride in its alumni and their contributions to the world. We wholeheartedly support our alumnus in their endeavours and look forward to witnessing their continued success on the global stage. Their journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for current and future students, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and ethical leadership. 

Congratulations to our esteemed alumnus Berat on this well-deserved honour, and may their journey continue to inspire us all!

Thank you for fostering an academic community that encourages its students to strive for excellence, engage in meaningful initiatives, and uphold the highest ethical standards. I am truly honored to be a part of UBI Business School and look forward to continuing to make our community proud!