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Why Study in Brussels

Studying in Brussels offers unparalleled opportunities for aspiring business leaders. With its central location in Europe, students at UBI Business School in Brussels gain access to a dynamic hub of international business, politics, and culture. The city’s diverse and multilingual environment fosters a truly global perspective, providing students with invaluable networking opportunities and exposure to various industries. Moreover, Brussels is home to numerous multinational corporations, EU institutions, and influential think tanks, offering students unique insights into the workings of the global economy. By immersing yourself in Brussels’ vibrant atmosphere, students can develop the skills and connections necessary to excel in today’s interconnected business world.

Located in the heart of Brussels, our UBI campus allows students to enjoy a unique learning experience a few steps away from the main city attractions and the vibrant business environment offering unparalleled professional opportunities. The campus is perfectly situated at the heart of the action. Within a short 3-minute walk, you’ll find yourself at the Royal Palace of Brussels, while the EU headquarters are just a pleasant 15-minute stroll away.

The nearby Porte de Namur subway station, located a mere 2 minutes away, ensures easy accessibility for our students and visitors.

About Brussels

Brussels boasts an efficient public transportation system, making it easy for students to navigate the city. The network consists of buses, trams, and metros, allowing you to travel conveniently and explore various parts of Brussels.

Public transportation

Student discounts are available for transportation passes. Students can apply for a Brupass card. This card gives you unlimited travel on all public transport in Brussels for a yearly cost of €52.

Public bicycle

If you’re more willing to move around Brussels with a bicycle, you may consider Villo! Villo is a bike-sharing program that provides an eco-friendly way to get around the city from 1€ a day.

As a transportation hub, Brussels offers students the chance to conveniently travel not only within its city walls, but also both nationally and internationally.

Renowned for its extensive rail network, including the high-speed Eurostar and Thalys trains, Brussels offers seamless connections to major European cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, and beyond… weekend abroad maybe?

Its strategic location in the heart of Europe makes it a pivotal point for air travel, with Brussels Airport serving as a gateway to countless international destinations.

 Dutch railway utility begins trial runs with new train on Brussels-Amsterdam lineInternational train offer | SNCB International   

As one of the most international cities in Europe, Brussels hosts the headquarters of many global companies, European institutions and international organizations. The green-oriented capital is home to many expats, professionals, and international students which further enhances the cultural diversity of this bustling city.

Immerse yourself in the melodic blend of languages in Brussels, where French, Dutch (Flemish), and German coexist harmoniously. Lose yourself in the romance of French or explore the northern charm of the Dutch language.

Embark on a nostalgic journey through the city that birthed beloved cartoon characters like Tintin, The Smurfs, and Asterix. Traverse the streets adorned with colorful murals, and immerse yourself in Brussels’ rich comic strip heritage.

Brussels stands as a captivating center for art, boasting a rich cultural heritage and a thriving contemporary scene. The city’s architectural marvels, such as the Grand Place and Atomium, serve as testaments to its artistic legacy.

Renowned museums like the Royal Museums of Fine Arts and the Magritte Museum showcase masterpieces spanning centuries, from classical to modern art movements. Beyond its museum walls, Brussels’ streets come alive with vibrant street art, reflecting the city’s creative spirit and diversity. Galleries, studios, and cultural institutions abound, fostering an atmosphere of artistic innovation and expression.

Embark on a nostalgic journey through the city that birthed beloved cartoon characters like Tintin, The Smurfs, and Asterix. Traverse the streets adorned with colorful murals, and immerse yourself in Brussels’ rich comic strip heritage.                                      

Embark on a gastronomic adventure in Brussels, where culinary delights await. Indulge in the succulent pleasure of moules-frites, pair them with a world-class Belgian beer, and savor the irresistible allure of Brussels’ chocolate and waffles.

Is Belgian Chocolate Worth The Hype? - The Chocolate Journalist   

Student Life

When it comes to housing, Brussels offers a diverse range of student-friendly neighborhoods. Among the popular areas are Etterbeek, Ixelles, and Saint-Gilles, known for their vibrant atmosphere. Rental costs in Brussels can vary, with shared apartments typically ranging from 400 to 700 EUR per month

Convenient accommodation

To simplify the process of finding suitable accommodation, UBI has partnered with Spotahome. This collaboration allows students to conveniently rent verified homes online, eliminating the need to physically visit the properties. With over 2000 accommodation options available in Brussels through Spotahome, you can save time, energy, and money. 

As a UBI student, you can enjoy an exclusive benefit—a 30% discount on Spotahome’s service fee.​

Brussels offers various part-time work and internship opportunities for international students. As an EU capital and a hub for international organizations, there are possibilities to gain practical experience in fields such as business, politics, and NGOs. Students studying in Brussels can work up to 20 hours per week, making it a highly desirable study destination.

You can search for job openings and internships on platforms like LinkedIn or Eurasmus.

UBI Career services office

At UBI, we understand the importance of preparing our students for the professional world both during and after their time with us. That’s why we have a dedicated Career Services Office that provides valuable support and guidance. Our career services office helps students enhance their job readiness skills and connects them with professional opportunities. Additionally, each program at UBI offers the option to pursue an internship as part of the curriculum. This allows students to gain practical experience and further strengthen their skill set. With UBI’s comprehensive career support and internship opportunities, we aim to empower our students for success in their chosen fields.

Brussels is a city teeming with cultural events and activities. Throughout the year, you can immerse yourself in festivals like the Brussels Summer Festival or enjoy art exhibitions at renowned museums such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts.

UBI Brussels hosts regularly social events and organizes company visits and group excursions to explore what the city offers. In addition, workshops are held on campus to connect our student body to practitioners in different fields and enhance networking opportunities.

Engaging with student organizations and clubs is great way to meet fellow students. Associations like ESN (Erasmus Student Network) organize social events, trips, and activities to help you connect with both international and local students.

Erasmus Student Network — Wikipédia

To help you plan your budget and understand general living costs, we have provided an overview of estimated expenses:

  • Housing: The cost of housing in Brussels varies depending on the type of accommodation you choose and the location. A single room in a shared apartment in the city center can cost around €400 per month, while a studio apartment in a less central location can cost around €700 per month.
  • Food: The cost of food in Brussels is also relatively high. Groceries can vary between 200 and 300 euros per month and if you eat out regularly, you can expect to spend between 300 and 500 euros per month.
  • Transport: The cost of transportation in Brussels is relatively low. A monthly pass for public transportation costs around €52. You can also get around by bike, which is a great way to explore the city for just 1€ a day.
  • Entertainment: The cost of entertainment in Brussels varies depending on your interests. A movie ticket costs around €10, and a ticket to a concert or sporting event can cost more. There are also many free or low-cost events and activities in Brussels, such as visiting museums and parks. On average, students can expect to budget around €1,000 per month to cover their expenses in Brussels.

*These are just estimates, and your actual costs may vary depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.

VISA Requirements

International students requiring a visa need to strictly follow the recommended procedure well in advance as shown within any of our programme pages: BSc, MSc and MBA.

Please pay attention to the fact that visa applications are also closely dependent on a “sufficient means of subsistence”.

For concise information on visa requirements and procedures for studying in Belgium, please visit the official website of the Immigration Office of Belgium. 

Our Facilities​

Located in the heart of Brussels, our UBI campus allows students to enjoy a unique learning experience a few steps away from the main city attractions and the vibrant business environment offering unparalleled professional opportunities.

4-storey city campus with spacious and modern classrooms

Fully equipped hybrid learning room to support technology-enhanced learning

Library and student lounge ​

Access to premium e-learning resources

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