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Madrid is a central economic and educational centre in the EU. Its status as the second fastest growing city for office jobs, coupled with its emergence as a ‘Latin American capital’, underlines its growing global influence. With more than 10 million visitors per year, Madrid is also a leading tourist destination, just behind Paris and Rome in the EU. The city’s ambitious efforts to become a major cleantech centre and a leading technology hub are evidenced by the presence of R&D centres from tech giants such as Amazon and Google. In addition, the government’s ‘golden visas’ and incentives for technology entrepreneurs, as well as its emphasis on private higher education and vocational training, underline Madrid’s strategic focus on innovation and education, making it an attractive destination for global companies and the Latin American elite looking to educate their heirs.

Facts about Spain

  • Ranked among the top five fastest-growing EU economies.
  • Favourably positioned for the energy transition, leveraging renewable resources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen.
  • Stands as the EU’s second-largest car producer, poised to benefit from the automotive industry’s shift to electric vehicles (EVs).
  • Revised migration policies to attract skilled professionals, allowing university graduates to apply for residency without company sponsorship.
  • Second-largest beneficiary of EU Next Generation funds, receiving €80bn for clean tech economy transformation within five years.
    • Allocation includes workforce training investments for companies.
  • Microsoft will invest 2 billion Euros in  2024-2025 in AI and Cloud infrastructure in Spain.
  • Madrid ranks as the second fastest-growing EU city for office-based jobs post-Brexit, now surpassing Miami as the “Latin American capital” in the last five years.
  • #3 most-visited EU destination with over 10M visitors per year, closely following Paris and Rome.
  • #8 city in the world with the largest presence of multinationals, after Beijing and ahead of Dubai, Paris and New York.
  • The Comunidad de Madrid is spearheading efforts to position Madrid as a leading Clean Tech hub in Europe and Latin America.
    • Among the top 3 EU tech hubs, with major companies like Amazon, Google, and Huawei establishing R&D centers recently.
    • Offers ‘golden visas’ to tech entrepreneurs, particularly targeting Latin American ventures, including tax incentives and subsidised loans.
  • Madrid is an important international business and academic, creating a preferred educational destination for Latin American elites.

Student life

Madrid, the vibrant heart of Spain, offers an unrivalled study abroad experience, combining the charm of an international metropolis with the warmth of its rich culture. This bustling capital is not only easy to get around thanks to its efficient metro system, but also invites you to indulge in its culinary delights, available at any time of the day or night. The city comes alive after sunset, offering a vibrant nightlife and countless entertainment options.

The true essence of studying in Madrid lies in the adventure of discovering different cultures, sampling new cuisines, making lasting friendships and learning new languages. A cosmopolitan centre frequented by people from all over the world, Madrid exudes a unique international atmosphere. Located in the heart of Spain, it is an ideal starting point for students wishing to explore the rest of the country or even venture into neighbouring countries, making every moment of your study trip truly memorable.

MSc Programme​ delivered with

Nebrija Business and Technology School

The programme is implemented and delivered with Nebrija Business and Technology School (NBTS) (part of Universidad Antonio de Nebrija (UNNE)). UNNE is a Spanish private leading university with a large recognised academic trajectory based on excellence and pedagogic innovation. UNNE has been featured in international rankings such as Forbes, U-Rankings and QS stars. UNNE main campus is located in Madrid city center, but the university has also a strong presence in Latina America, with campuses in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

The MSc programmes portfolio will be launched in the campus of Madrid, in October 2024 and will be delivered in Spanish, starting with the MSc in Management of AI&ML. This Spanish curriculum follows the same content as that of the English programme offered in Brussels and online.

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