Master in Management of Technology

Master in Management of AI and Machine Learning

Shaping Minds for the 21st Century


UBI’s Master of Science in Management of Technology and Master of Science in Management of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning meet the demand in the global labour market for professionals who can guide their firms to compete in today’s technology-based economy. The emphasis in the programmes go beyond just digital skills. It is to create digital leaders and develop high-quality professionals who have an advanced understanding of companies’ value creation processes in an increasingly technologized environment. The planning, development, and implementation of technological capabilities to shape and accomplish both the strategic and operational objectives of the organization will be given primary focus in the programmes. The curriculum stimulates multidisciplinary orientation and hones entrepreneurial agility.

European commission

Facts and Figures (from the European Commission)

  • Over 70% of businesses state the lack of digital and technology management skills as an obstacle to investment and growth
  • Over 805,000 digital leaders will be needed by 2022
  • 70% of new value created globally over the next 10 years will be based on digital and technology-based business model
  • Increasing demand for equal representation of genders on technology-related studies

Programme Highlights


Engagement with leading technological companies

  • Industry-led curriculum developed in consultation with leading technological companies and professionals
  • Access to world market workshops and meetings with practitioners from UBI’s corporate partners
  • Prominent guest speakers and valuable internship opportunities

Dedicated focus on personal professional growth

  • Class sizes of 30-35 students for all delivery modes
  • One-on-one coaching and mentorship from technological leaders to support individual growth and development
  • UBI’s Career Services: personal branding workshops, career progression counselling and opportunities for networking in various technological sectors

Participation in UBI’s Venture Creation Lab

  • Option to participate in UBI’s Venture Creation Lab. Through guidance from entrepreneurs and working with simulators, students learn how to develop the right skill sets and management teams to create innovative technology-based companies.

HyFlex delivery model promoting flexibility and practical experiences

  • Deepens student engagement by reducing disruptions to their professional and personal lives
  • Maximises quality of learning by leveraging the use of technology, overcoming the limitations of full on-campus teaching
  • Reflect current and future hybrid work realities in many professional domains

3-stage curriculum designed to support foundational, specialised and customised learning

  • Stage One: core modules that establish key fundamental principles related to the management of technology
  • Stage Two: specialised modules designed to strengthen technological management in traditional business verticals (Management of Technology degree) or hone in-depth management of AI & Machine Learning (Management of AI & Machine Learning degree)
  • Stage Three: Choice of Integrative Management project designed to support the next stage of your career growth via a Business Plan, Thesis or UBI's Venture Creation Lab


  • The Intersection of Professional & Technology Skills
  • Technology, Ethics, Responsibility, & Sustainability
  • Data Visualisation Storytelling
  • Psychology of Technology
  • Business Strategy and Technology Management
Track 1: Management of Technology
  • Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation
  • Applied Python
  • Finance and Technology
  • Data-Driven Marketing and Analytics
  • Smart Operations
Track 2: AI and Machine Learning
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Applied Python
  • Database Management
  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Networks & Deep Learning Applied to Business
  • Option 1: Thesis
  • Option 2: Business Plan
  • Option 3: UBI Venture Creation Lab
Stage One

Common Core Modules

Degree Specialisation

Stage Two

Management of Technology

Management of AI and Machine Learning

Stage Three

Integrative Management Project

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Admission Criteria


The programme welcomes recent graduates or working professionals driven by the desire to be innovative, disruptive, and resilient global leaders. The programme also advances managerial opportunities for professionals working in or seeking a career in technological companies and technology-based organisations.

Delivery Model


UBI’s MSc adopts a HyFlex (Hybrid + Flexible) delivery model that offers participants a seamless learning experience, while providing the flexibility to attend real-time lessons face-to-face at our Brussels campus, or online via live streaming.

Admission Process


UBI offers one intake for the MSc degree programme in October (autumn)

Applicants are invited to apply directly online (click here). Along with an application form, applicants need to submit:

    • Latest degree transcript giving final degree result and breakdown of individual subjects and grades (in English or French).

    • Proof of command of the English language, mainly IELTS or TOEFL IBT results (minimum 6.0 and 72 respectively).

    • Passport or ID card

    • “Professional” portrait photo

    • CV

    • Any certificate of academic achievement / other awards, if applicable

    • Two reference letters. These letters are expected to make explicit reference to the applicant’s potential to develop a professional career in business and to pursue Master’s level studies.

    • 500-word personal statement: a critical analysis of the programme’s potential contribution to the applicant’s personal and professional development.

Note: All students attending UBI programmes are expected to bring their personal laptops for all academic events.

  • The Admissions Board, led by the Programme Director, working with a lecturer in the programme, assesses each application package and makes recommendations based on the academic requirements and on the candidate’s overall suitability for the programme.

  • Candidates recommended by the Admissions Board are invited for an interview. Interviews for international candidates are usually conducted by Skype, Zoom, or similar. The interview lasts around 30 minutes and is arranged with the Programme’s Director. 

  • Prior to the interview, applicants need to submit a 500-word professional essay on a modern topic which will be communicated to the applicant beforehand. 

  • Successful candidates receive a letter offering admission within 30 days of the personal interview.

  • UBI welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds to maintain a diverse student body and promote a stimulating learning environment. Applicants are not discriminated against on the grounds of political views, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age.

2022 – 2023 Academic Year Fees

  • The regular tuition fees for students enrolling in UBI’s MSc programmes (both hybrid and online) in the academic year 2022 – 2023 are EUR17.000.

  • UBI offers a wide range of scholarships and tuition support programmes for prospective and currently enrolled students. For details, please see “Scholarships & Tuition Support Programmes”.
  • UBI automatically waives additional fees to non-EU students; non-EU students pay the same tuition fees as EU students.
  • Tuition fees do not include personal equipment (e.g.: computers), textbooks, printing services, accommodation, flight and visa fees for international study trips, and/or similar academic expenses.
  • For further financial information, e.g.: on invoicing and payments, please see “UBI’s Financial Terms & Conditions for Students”.
  • Upon successful admission into the programme, students requiring a visa to study at UBI must make a first payment of EUR 6.000 to continue the enrolment process. UBI must receive the payment in full before providing any official documents (e.g.: enrolment, registration, etc.) that might be required in the visa application process. The payment covers the first instalment of the tuition fees (EUR 5.650) plus an administrative fee (EUR 350). The tuition fees are fully refundable in case of visa rejection or a deferral/withdrawal before the start of the programme. The administrative fee is non-refundable.

  • Visa students that want to secure a place in the programme first, and continue the enrolment process later, have the option to make a down payment of EUR 1.000, and pay the remaining fees later, but before the start of the programme. The down payment is non-refundable in case you decide not to study at UBI, except for circumstances in which for medical and/or other legitimate reasons (e.g.: visa rejection) you are not able to start your studies with UBI.
  • For further financial information, please see “UBI’s Financial Terms & Conditions for Students”.
  • Finally, visa students may be required to provide subsistence funds, financial guarantees and/or other proof of financial support as part of the visa application process. For UBI’s regulation on subsistence funds, please see “UBI Proof of subsistence regulation”.

UBI Corporate Partnerships

UBI’s extensive corporate partnerships include the following distinguished companies.


Feliciana Monteiro

Feliciana Monteiro

Corporate Engagement Lead, UBI Business School
“UBI’s MSc programmes are designed in consultation with leading technological companies and professionals. Students gain access to and mentorship from prominent corporate leaders in the tech sector.”
Fabian lim

Fabian Lim

Singaporean, Valuation Analyst, UBI Student
“As an overseas participant of UBI’s programme, I have never felt disconnected from my course mates who participated mainly on-campus. UBI’s hybrid teaching facilities is world-class, and the learning experience is seamless whether online or face-to-face.”
Sara Kullolli

Sara Kullolli

Albanian, Web Developer, UBI Student
“Due my background in the technological sector, UBI is my top choice given the institution’s focus on adopting management-teaching principles with a tech-oriented focus. “

MSc Teaching Teams

Faculty members in the UBI MBA have more than 15 years of professional experience with at least five years in senior positions (in academia and/or in a major company).

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