Postgraduate Certificate in Salesforce CRM & Marketing Cloud (PGCert)

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Sept 19

End taught part

Nov 30

Online synchronous

Tuesdays 18:00-20:00
Fridays 15:00-19:00
Saturdays 08:00-12:00
Every other weekend


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Sept 19​

End taught part

Nov 30

Online synchronous

Tuesdays 18:00-20:00
Fridays 15:00-19:00
Saturdays 08:00-12:00
Every other weekend


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Why this Salesforce Bootcamp?

The 100-hour bootcamp in Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud will allow you to obtain the necessary knowledge to work in the most in-demand disciplines in the market.

You will master all the benefits that the Salesforce platform offers, getting to know in depth solutions such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot). We will also train you for certifications.

Additionally with this programme you will get a voucher so you can obtain an official Salesforce certification.

Structure of the Salesforce Bootcamp


We will begin by introducing Salesforce, covering its history, market evolution, cloud ecosystem, certifications, and the fantastic training center: Trailhead.

It is of utmost importance to grasp the concept of a CRM, its purpose, and how CRMs benefit companies from a customer-centric standpoint, encompassing sales, service, and marketing. Moreover, we will provide a hands-on experience to familiarize ourselves with the system, navigate through its features, and make minor configurations.

We’ll explore Salesforce’s core sales functionality, covering setup for objects, page layouts, processes, and reports. The focus is on understanding the end-to-end sales lifecycle, from lead conversion to opportunity management, with automation.

Moving forward, we will explore Salesforce’s powerful service capabilities. We’ll examine various customer service use cases, leveraging the Salesforce console, case management functionality, and tools to enhance agent efficiency and create impactful customer experiences. Through real hands-on practices, we’ll work with queues, case assignment rules, omnichannel experiences, SLAs, and other essential features.

We’ll present diverse real-world scenarios from various industries to gain a comprehensive understanding of sales and service cloud challenges encountered in day-to-day operations. Through practical examples, we’ll engage in hands-on simulations to replicate real work experiences. Additionally, we will elucidate different methodologies and their advantages to enhance proficiency.

We will cover the various certification paths, the online platform for registering and tracking certifications, and the significance of obtaining these credentials. Additionally, we will share study best practices for successfully passing the certifications and provide practice exams to test and comprehend their underlying concepts.


We’ll explore the realm of Digital Marketing, focusing on how Marketing Automation empowers marketers to build and oversee customer relationships and campaigns effectively. Delving into both inbound and outbound channels, we’ll demonstrate how campaigns can be strategically designed to influence sales funnels and foster lasting customer loyalty.

We’ll begin utilizing the Salesforce Account engagement tool: Pardot, which provides email automation, targeted campaigns, and lead management for B2B sales and marketing teams. Through practical exercises, we’ll automate essential marketing tasks such as tracking customer behaviors, optimizing lead conversion practices, and implementing effective nurturing strategies.

In this module, Salesforce Marketing Cloud takes center stage, empowering marketers with robust capabilities to craft compelling digital experiences that captivate both new and existing customers. We will create a conducive environment to practice personalized marketing and journeys, aiming to enrich customer relationships. Moreover, we will leverage automation to deliver meaningful customer journeys with tailored experiences, optimized seamlessly across various channels.

We’ll cover two key studios/channels that boost marketer engagement with leads and customers. Cloud Pages exercises will teach content creation and optimization for mobile, social, and web experiences, focusing on landing pages. Email Studio will enable personalized email creation and delivery, from simple newsletters to complex campaigns.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s foundation lies in Journey Builder and Automation Studio. We’ll extensively focus on hands-on practice to design and automate campaigns, guiding customers through their brand journey. This involves executing both simple and multi-step marketing and data management tasks in real-time, triggered, or scheduled fashion.

Building on the omnichannel strategy, we’ll extensively explore Mobile Studio to effectively deliver relevant content through your customers’ preferred channels and devices, encompassing text, push notifications, in-app messages, and chat apps.

We’ll showcase a wide range of real-world scenarios across industries, providing a comprehensive grasp of Marketing Cloud and the engagement challenges faced in everyday operations. Through practical examples and hands-on simulations, we’ll recreate authentic work experiences. Furthermore, we’ll explore various methodologies and their benefits, fostering improved proficiency.

We’ll delve into the diverse certification paths, the online platform for registration and tracking of certifications, and the importance of attaining these credentials. Moreover, we’ll provide valuable study techniques to excel in the certification exams, along with practice tests to solidify understanding of the core concepts, with a specific focus on Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

In conclusion, we’ll bridge the gap between CRM and Marketing, exploring various information architecture options, out-of-the-box connectors, and best practices. We’ll reinforce these concepts with practical examples drawn from international experiences. The main goal would always be pursuing a 360º customer centric experience.

Salesforce Bootcamp Highlights

Frequently asked questions

The bootcamp starts on 19 Sept and the taught part finishes on 30 Nov.

Sessions take place on Tuesday evenings, Friday afternoons and Saturdays morning every other week.

The bootcamp is delivered online during the timetabled hours. All sessions are recorded and posted in the School’s virtual learning environment for participants to review.

Yes, the bootcamp is taught by lecturers that will be working alongside participants.

Yes, the bootcamp is delivered online during the timetabled hours and open to all participants globally. All sessions are recorded and posted in the School’s virtual learning environment for participants to review.

Participants actively engage with instructors and students during the timetabled online sessions. They will also have access to UBI’s virtual learning environment to work in teams, discuss with lecturers, and make progress through the bootcamp. All sessions are recorded.

Yes, the whole bootcamp is based on the use and access to actual Salesforce platforms.

UBI is located in a prime location in the heart of Brussels. The address is Rue de Namur 48. B-1000 Brussels.

Yes, participants are trained to go through the most relevant Salesforce certifications. At the end of the bootcamp you will need to choose between certifications on CRM or on Marketing Cloud (three in each area). The cost of the chosen three is included in the tuition fees.

The tuition fees are €3,950 and include the cost of three Salesforce official certifications.

Upon completion of the all the bootcamp’s requirements, graduates receive a Post Graduate Certificate in Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud by UBI Business School along with three Salesforce official certifications. Participants can choose between three certifications on CRM or three on Marketing Cloud.

Corporate Recognition

The teaching team in the bootcamp has developed and implemented Salesforce projects for the following distinguished companies.


The bootcamp includes three official certifications

Get Salesforce Official Certifications with UBI’s PGCert


Marketing Cloud

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Professionals teaching in the bootcamp

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SAS System Administrator
“The programme not only gives you the knowledge and skills, it also sets the ground to boost your career.”


Digital Project Manager
“I was in the middle of a professional transition and this programme helped me to find new opportunities.”

Paul C

Marketplaces Manager
“The programme has opened many opportunities for me in a booming market.”


Customer Order Specialist
“I liked the hands-on training using Salesforce tools to run CRM and Sales Automation projects.”