Dr Alvaro Mendez

MBA Programme

Alvaro Mendez copy


PhD International Relations, London School of Economics, UK

MSc Management (Merit), London School of Economics, UK

MA International Relations (Merit), University of Essex, UK

BA Political Science, University of Kentucky, USA

BA Psychology, University of Kentucky, USA

Selected Publications & Other Achievements

Google Scholar


Mendez, Alvaro & Alden, Chris. (2021). China in Panama: From Peripheral Diplomacy to Grand Strategy. Geopolitics, 26(3), 838-860. (JCR Q1 – Journal Impact Factor: 4.117).

García R., Enrique & Mendez, Alvaro. (2021). Mañana Today: A Long View of Economic Value Creation in Latin America. Global Policy, 12(3), 410-413 (JCR Q2 – Journal Impact Factor: 2.084).

Mendez, Alvaro & Houghton, David Patrick. (2020). Sustainable Banking: The Role of Multilateral Development Banks as Norm Entrepreneurs. Sustainability, 12(972), 1- 20. (JCR Q2 – Journal Impact Factor: 3.251).

Mendez, Alvaro. (2019). Latin America and the AIIB: Interests and Viewpoints. Global Policy, 10(4), 639-644. (JCR Q2 – Journal Impact Factor: 2.084).


Mendez, Alvaro & Turzi, Mariano. (2020). The Political Economy of China–Latin America Relations: The AIIB Membership. New York, NY: Palgrave Pivot.

Fornes, Gaston & Mendez, Alvaro (2018). The China-Latin America Axis: Emerging Markets and their Role in an Increasingly Globalised World. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave.

Mendez, Alvaro. (2017). Colombian Agency and the making of US Foreign Policy: Intervention by Invitation. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.


Jing, Yijia, Mendez, Alvaro & Zheng, Yu (eds.). (2020). New Development Assistance (NDA): Emerging Economies and the New Landscape of Development Assistance. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave.

Alcalde, Javier, Alden, Chris, Guerra, Angelica & Mendez, Alvaro (eds.). (2019). La Conexión China en la Política Exterior del Perú en el siglo XXI. Lima, Perú: IDEI & Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

Professional Experience

Co-Director and Senior Associate Fellow, Global South Unit at LSE IDEAS & IR Department, London School of Economics (LSE), UK.

Adjunct Professor, Department of International Relations, London School of Economics (LSE), UK.

Senior Lecturer in IR, Regents University London, UK.