UBI Shortlisted for QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023

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The QS Reimagine Education Awards, widely regarded as the “Oscars of Education,” have been recognising groundbreaking initiatives that enhance student learning outcomes and employability for a decade. This global competition has showcased remarkable advancements in education from around the world.

The awards encompass a wide range of categories, including:

  • Future of Universities: Recognising institutions that are transforming and evolving to meet the needs of current and future learners.

  • Access, Diversity, and Inclusion: Honouring projects that expand access to higher education for underserved and underprivileged students.

  • Teaching and Learning Innovation: Celebrating initiatives that employ innovative approaches to teaching and learning, enhancing student engagement and outcomes.

  • Edtech Excellence: Recognising outstanding Edtech solutions that are making a significant impact on education.

  • Sustainability in Education: Highlighting projects that promote environmental, social, economic, or human sustainability within educational institutions.

  • And more!

This year’s 2023 edition in Abu Dhabi, UBI Business School‘s “Bringing professional life into the experience of UG students“, has been shortlisted for the Blended and Presence Learning Award!

This 10th anniversary edition is exceptionally competitive with 1200+ submissions across 17 awards categories. The 800 projects were longlisted for the first round of evaluations, performed by over 600 international experts, where finally our project stands in the top 30%!

The QS Reimagine Education Awards not only celebrate innovation but also serve as a platform for sharing best practices and inspiring others to drive positive change in the education sector. The awards ceremony, held annually at the QS Reimagine Education Conference, brings together a global community of educators, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss the future of education and explore innovative solutions.

With its dedication to recognising and supporting innovation in education, the QS Reimagine Education Awards has made a significant contribution to shaping the future of learning. As the awards continue to grow and evolve, they remain a beacon of hope for a more equitable, accessible, and effective education system for all.