ProMendoza and Fundacion Bolsa de Comercio

Mendoza is a highly productive province of Argentina. Its climate, raw materials, skilled labor force, entrepreneurial potential, infrastructure, investments in technology and great value products make Mendoza a remarkably diverse and attractive region. ProMendoza is a public-private institution created jointly by the four major players in the local economy: the government of Mendoza, the Commercial and Industrial Union of Mendoza, the local Stock Exchange, and the Economic Federation of Mendoza.

Since 1996, ProMendoza has worked to increase Mendoza’s international status, helping local entrepreneurs and businesses to position their products and services in the global market. ProMendoza generates strategic information, performs marketing and promotion actions and develops tools to generate opportunities for foreign trade, such as trade missions, international trade fairs and exhibitions, multilateral trade agendas, and business networking meetings with importers, among other activities.

Three notable figures in the Mendoza government are currently pursuing their MBA with UBI. Facundo Biffi is the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of the Economy in charge of the Statistics and Census Directorate. Estanislao Schilardi Puga is the Secretary of State for Hydrocarbons. Sebastian Piña is Finance Director of the SOE Potassium Company, Potasio Rio Colorado. We welcome them to our programme and look forward to supporting them in their academic journey with us.

From successfully integrating these students into our MBA programme, we now embark on a project aimed at extending our world-class education to local individuals, fostering opportunity and empowerment. This new initiative seeks to offer undergraduate education to deserving students with immense potential but limited financial resources, thanks to a collaboration with Fundacion Bolsa de Comercio (FBC), a reputable local entity known for its commitment to community development and registered with the UN Global Compact. Together, we’re not just shaping futures; we’re building a brighter tomorrow for all.