Le Botaniste

UBI Business School is delighted to announce a strategic collaboration with Le Botaniste. Le Botaniste is the first organic and plant-based food concept to be certified CO2 neutral. It has three locations in Belgium — one in Ghent, two in Brussels — and four in New York City: Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Soho, and Midtown East.

Founded in 2015 by Alain Coumont, Laurent Francois (an UBI Alumni) and Gregory Verellen, the company is growing organically and succeeds to prove that a healthy, caring business is possible and profitable.

“I’ve always been conscious of how our diets affect our health and environment,” says Alain. “Le Botaniste grew from a desire to offer a health-focused, eco-friendly, organic menu that is above all else delicious.”


Le Botaniste’s values and guiding principles, reflecting a holistic approach to sustainability, are at the core of all they do: 

·      Let food be the medicine

·      Lead by example 

·      Representing the future of food

Their organic restaurant concept and the way each location is managed every day prove that it’s not only possible to serve clean, healthy plant-based food and become certified CO2-neutral—it’s actually possible to thrive doing it.

By finding even more ways to become more sustainable as a business, Le Botaniste hopes to inspire and better our communities and the restaurant industry at large, serving as a catalyst for a greener world.