LD Export

LD Export is a Luxembourg-based company with an operations office in the Kingdom of Bahrain having 20 years of experience. Their dynamic Team is focused on helping European SMEs from various sectors. LDE is focused on the development of European companies in the GCC Countries: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait.

LD Export specialises in facilitating international business development for companies looking to thrive in the Gulf Countries.

They offer 3 services to their clients :

Market Study (Mission 3): mission#3 provides comprehensive support for companies looking to enter the Gulf market. They guide businesses through the complexities of market entry, offering strategic insights and practical solutions to ensure a smooth and successful establishment in the Gulf Countries.

  1. Strategic Expansion Solutions (Mission 2):. mission#2 revolves around facilitating partnerships, helping companies find the ideal agent, distributor, or partner in the Gulf Countries. LD Export leverages its extensive network of over 3000 active contacts to connect businesses with suitable counterparts, fostering mutually beneficial relationships for long-term success. They find the best distributors for their clients in the 6 Gulf Countries.
  2. Partnership Development (Mission 1): In Mission 1, LD Export acts as your exclusive Middle East Export Manager, expertly linking your business with ideal agents, distributors, or partners in the Gulf Countries. Upon identifying the perfect distributors, they ensure a seamless development by establishing annual budgets and ensuring comprehensive training for the distributor’s team, maintaining adequate stock levels, and more.

At LD Export, the mission is clear: to simplify international business development for clients, providing practical implementations that drive sustainable growth and success in the Gulf market.