EMUNI University

In June 2008, during a prominent celebration attended by the President of the European Commission and numerous ministers and dignitaries from Slovenia and around the world, the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) was inaugurated in Slovenia. Shortly thereafter, EMUNI was endorsed by the heads of states at the Paris Summit for the Mediterranean, identifying EMUNI in their declaration as one of the priority areas of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). EMUNI was entrusted with the mission of contributing to knowledge amongst people in the region by establishing and fostering a Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area.

EMUNI’s mission remains all the more relevant today. Inclusive growth and development are increasingly contingent upon the advancement of knowledge and innovation. Peace, security and prosperity in the Euro-Mediterranean region continue to be the highest priority for the participating states. EMUNI, with its vast network of more than 130 members– educational, research and international institutions from over 30 Euro-Mediterranean States, is more than just a conventional university. It is a university that operates through true partnership with other universities. It is a resilient network of collaborating higher education institutions from across the Mediterranean and it is also a platform for inter-cultural dialogue and science diplomacy.

Established as an international organisation, EMUNI acts as a powerful force to bridge the shores of the Mediterranean. As such, EMUNI seeks to become:

  • A reference university, conducting quality study programmes and state-of-the-art research in fields of high relevance, serving the Euro-Mediterranean interests and challenges,
  • A committed and dynamic network of diverse Euro-Med HE and research institutions,
  • An Inclusive platform for inter-cultural dialogue and science diplomacy in the Euro-Med region.