A Student’s Journey: Discovering Multiculturalism and Personal Growth in Belgium

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Studying abroad is a unique and life-changing experience that provides students with new perspectives and opportunities. Sara, a bachelor student at UBI Business School in Brussels, will share her knowledge and perspectives on the advantages of studying / living in Belgium in this article.

Sara’s visit to Belgium began for family-related reasons, but she took advantage of this opportunity and decided to continue her education in Belgium. Because of its diverse culture, strong academic reputation, and desirable quality of life, Belgium has been a popular destination for international students like Sara who want to broaden their horizons and achieve their academic ambitions. 


Sara: “Living in Belgium has exceeded my expectations, and I’m truly grateful for this opportunity.”

Interviewer: “I’m glad to hear this, Sara. Can you tell me what are the top 3 benefits of studying in Belgium from your point of view?”

According to Sara, “Belgium is a quite multicultural country. With students from all over the world, I’ve had the chance to interact with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, traditions and habits. In addition to this, there are more than 25 different nationalities in our class. The exposure to such a variety of cultures, experiences, and backgrounds has been enriching and has expanded my worldview in many ways. The multiculturalism is also reflected in the food here, which is simply amazing. Apart from fascinating Belgian waffles, beer and fries, the diverse dishes available from all around the world’ cuisine.

Another top benefit mentioned by Sara is a high standard of living in Belgium. “Belgium offers a wide range of activities that you can enjoy during your free time. The capital city, Brussels, has so much to offer in terms of cultural and leisure activities. You can explore the museums, art galleries, exhibitions and historical places or just take a stroll in one of the beautiful parks. Personally, I enjoy going to the gym and trying out various pilates classes. It allows me to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle while also managing my academic workload.

Moreover, Belgium has an outstanding healthcare system that provides top-quality medical services. As an international student, this gives me peace of mind knowing that I can get medical attention if needed. The education system in Belgium is also highly regarded, with some of the top-ranked universities in the world located here. As a student of UBI Business School, I feel that I am receiving a world-class education that will prepare me for a successful career. Overall, I feel that Belgium is a great place to study and live, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Lastly, Belgium is located in the heart of Europe. In other words, it is easy to travel to other countries and explore different cultures. Apart from nearby countries, Belgium is an amazing place with many tourist cities, towns to visit and enjoy nature. It’s a great chance to widen my horizons and learn new things.”


Interviewer: “Thank you, for sharing your insights, Sara. Now, from a university point of view, what are the benefits of studying at the UBI Business School in Belgium so far?”

Sara: “At UBI Business School, we offer a diverse range of programmes that are taught in English by experienced professors. There are a maximum 30 students in each class, which allows for personalised attention and interaction between students and faculty members. Also, our campus is situated in a peaceful and central location, walking distance to the sightseeings, public transportation and mai of Brussels. Moreover, the university has a forward-looking focus on globalisation, the digital economy, and good citizenship, making it a truly diverse and enriching learning environment.”

“UBI has a strong focus on practical learning besides academical one. The university has partnerships with local and international companies, which provide opportunities for internships and practical training. I believe this real-world experience will prepare me well for my future career.”

I would like to thank Sara, our student ambassador, for sharing her fascinating experiences about studying and living in Belgium. Her experience is truly inspirational for the ones who are thinking about studying abroad. Studying abroad can broaden perspectives and provide a fresh perspective, and Belgium is a wonderful alternative for students desiring a unique educational experience due to its high standard of living, cosmopolitan culture, and central location in Europe. If you’re thinking about studying abroad, we encourage you to look into the programs provided at UBI Business School and learn about the various advantages of studying in Belgium.

Living in Brussels as a student has opened my mind to endless cultural opportunities, igniting my curiosity to understand and learn from different ways of life, and ultimately empowering my personal growth journey.