7 Jobs Opportunities You Can Expect With a Business Bachelor Degree From Belgium & Luxembourg

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With a relatively low average unemployment rate, Belgium and Luxembourg are booming economies with diverse entry level positions.

Job vacancies are abundant regardless of your hard and soft skills — whether you are interested in supply chain management, or wish to work closely with key issues such as increasing minimum wages.

Graduates from Business schools will find these opportunities particularly exciting when looking for a job in Belgium and Luxembourg.

1. Business Analyst

Working as a Business Analyst in Belgium and Luxembourg can be special for several reasons.

Both Belgium and Luxembourg are home to many large international companies, which provide excellent opportunities for Business Analysts to work with a diverse range of clients across various industries.

General Electric, Monsanto, Microsoft and more have set up regional headquarters within Brussels —while KPMG, PWC, Amazon and more have regional headquarters in Luxembourg City.

Most importantly, both Belgium and Luxembourg are known for their innovation and technological advancement, which creates a strong demand for skilled Business Analysts who can help companies optimise their business processes and leverage technology to gain a competitive edge.

As a result, Business Analysts in these countries have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that involve the latest technology.

2. Innovation Manager

Working as an Innovation Manager in Belgium and Luxembourg can be special for several reasons.

Both Belgium and Luxembourg are known for their strong innovation and technology sectors, with many startups and established companies in various industries operating in these countries.

Particularly, MNCs, incubators and mature startups are looking for managers who could manage and implement sustaining innovations in an ever-changing environment.

Belgium and Luxembourg are also home to many research and development centres and academic institutions, which can help Innovation Managers access resources and collaborate with other professionals and organisations to further their technology.

The presence of such institutions may facilitate access to funding and investment for innovative projects, furthering the opportunities for Innovation Managers to succeed.

This market can be a great opportunity for Innovation Managers to introduce their ideas and products to a broader audience, potentially creating significant growth opportunities for the company and the individual.

3. Management Consultant

Being a Management Consultant in Belgium and Luxembourg can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

One of the things that make working as a Management Consultant in Belgium and Luxembourg special is the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients. Both countries are home to many multinational companies (as mentioned) and have a highly international business environment — which means that Management Consultants may work on cross-border projects and with teams from different cultural backgrounds.

Ultimately, a Management Consultant working in the European Union would typically have to optimise their client’s business operations according to a tight value chain, with limiting material and human resources.

Management Consulting is a highly competitive industry, and firms in Belgium and Luxembourg typically offer attractive compensation packages, as well as opportunities for professional growth and development.

However, this position comes with prestige regardless of whether you worked in Belgium or Luxembourg. Executives will have the opportunity to work across the world (in different sectors) after acquiring their new skills learnt in Management Consulting.

4. Marketing Manager

One of the benefits of working as a Marketing Manager in Belgium and Luxembourg is the opportunity to work in a highly creative and flexible marketing environment.

Companies in both countries value innovation and creativity, which means that Marketing Managers are encouraged to think outside the box and develop campaigns that are bold, engaging, and effective.

A recent movement called “subtervising” led to the placement of an ad calling BMW and Toyota out for “false claims”. As reported by the Guardian, the ads mocked car manufacturers for not doing enough to uphold their commitment to go green.

With such openness to creative advertising, Belgium and Luxembourg are known for being flexible and dynamic environments. Companies in these countries value creativity, innovation, and collaboration, which means that Marketing Managers have the opportunity to explore their creative limits.

Additionally, there is a strong culture of work-life balance in these countries, which means that Marketing Managers may have the opportunity to work flexible hours or take advantage of other benefits, such as generous vacation time and flexible working arrangements.

5. Sustainability Consultant

A Sustainability Consultant is a professional who works with businesses and organisations to develop and implement sustainable business practices.

They typically help their clients to reduce their environmental impact, improve their social responsibility, and increase their profitability by developing more efficient and effective business practices.

As Brussels is the epicentre of EU policy-making, Sustainability Consultants will find work opportunities especially rewarding – regardless if they venture into the public or private sector.

In Luxembourg particularly, Sustainability Consultants are often hired as “ESG Analysts/Consultants” for financial and professional service firms. This is a career path with many opportunities to expand your existing portfolio of expertise.

The job requires strong analytical thinking, research skills, an understanding of sustainability issues, the ability to think creatively, and the capacity to develop successful strategies to enact change within organisations.

6. Import/Export Manager

An Import/Export Manager is a professional who oversees the movement of goods and materials between different countries.

They are responsible for managing the logistics and administrative aspects of importing and exporting goods, whilst ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

One of the key advantages of working as an Import/Export Manager in Brussels and Luxembourg is the central location of these countries in Europe, which provides easy access to the major markets in the region.

Additionally, the Port of Antwerp, which is located in Belgium, is one of the largest ports in Europe and is a major hub for distribution and logistics.

This means that Import/Export Managers in Brussels and Luxembourg have access to a vast network of transportation and logistics providers, making it easier to move goods and materials around Europe and beyond.

7. Investment Banker

Perhaps the most sought-after job in finance, investment bankers are involved with a wide variety of activities to help their clients raise funds. This infamous position entails long hours over weekdays and weekends; requiring a diverse set of skills ranging from computer programming to pitching.

In the Belgian job market, investment banking interns alone can earn at least €5,000 per month. In Luxembourg, full-time investment bankers can easily earn €150,000 a year excluding bonuses.

Working in these countries will give fresh graduates access to a mature economy with many advanced developments. It is not uncommon for new investment bankers to be exposed to IPOs and acquisitions.

The competition is, therefore, high for fresh graduates as many sought to acquire an advanced degree to increase their likelihood of getting hired. However, many fresh graduates still enter the lucrative industry of investment banking.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, earning a business degree from Belgium and Luxembourg can provide graduates with a wide range of job opportunities across many sectors, including finance, marketing, consulting, and logistics. The region is home to many international businesses and has a highly skilled workforce, making it a hub of innovation and technology.

As a result, graduates with a business degree can find opportunities to work on challenging and complex projects that require deep knowledge and expertise.

Additionally, working in Belgium and Luxembourg can be special because of the competitive salaries and benefits packages offered by many companies in these countries, as well as the strong culture of work-life balance.

Overall, a bachelor’s in business from Belgium and Luxembourg can open the door to a variety of exciting and rewarding career paths, and provide graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the fast-paced and dynamic world of business.