Welcoming our new MBA cohort!

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We welcomed our new MBA cohort on Friday, 11th of February, and hosted a two-day online orientation session to kick off the year-long programme. Welcomed by the administration and faculty members, the new MBA students, along with students from the previous cohort, joined from all over the world. Four continents, 14 nationalities, and even more languages were represented among the cohort members, making a truly international student body.

Over our two-day Opening Weekend, we introduced students to the programme policies and procedures, and held organised meetings with practitioners. These meetings are part of a series of activities for our MBA students to have the opportunity to learn from a variety of practitioners on being a senior manager or entrepreneur are held in an informal setting intended to facilitate the discussion and exchange of experiences. They are aimed at giving our MBA students:

  • a global perspective of business,
  • an overview of emerging themes (business, politics, economics, sociology, etc),
  • an understanding of factors affecting companies’ performance [in different markets],
  • the opportunity to reflect and learn from others’ experiences, and
  • a framework to think strategically.

The four presentations were given with speakers joining from Spain, Belgium, and England. First, Isaac Paton and Pedro Altamira shared the story of their digital business venture as founders of Ofertadecoches.com. Then Marie Terese LeTorney, former opera singer turned communications specialist, coached students on how to enhance their communication skills for delivering their expertise. On Saturday morning, Santiago Mora, Head of International Accident & Health at Starr Insurance, shared his experiences since graduating with an MBA. Bryan McIntosh, Chartered Psychologist, gave the final presentation and discussed his experiences with leadership and governance during the Covid pandemic. All in all, our presenters shared valuable experiences and insights into a variety of topics relevant for our MBA students.

If you’re interested in joining our September MBA cohort, apply now!