Visit at the Council of the European Union

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What is the difference between the Council of Europe and the European Council? This is one of the questions our bachelor and MBA students got an answer to after a wonderful visit at the Council of the European Union!

A huge thanks to Katerina Peskova for helping us organise the visit & taking us around on a guided tour, and Salvatore Finamore, PhD (Political Administrator, Analysis and Research Team) for giving us a talk on “The role of the Council of the EU and the European Council within the European Institutions”. We explored the work of the Council directly from the perspective of the internal stakeholders… a truly unique experience.

Afterwards the talk, UBI Business School students visited the Visitor Centre, the Europa Building and the office of Charles Michel.

The group marveled at the facade, comprised of a mosaic of refurbished wooden window frames sourced from renovation or demolition sites across all EU countries. Though familiar with the building’s exterior, they were unaware of its underlying commitment to sustainable development, materials recycling, and its testament to EU artisanship and cultural diversity. The facade served as a poignant reminder of the EU motto, “united in diversity”.

The visit ignited a lot of thoughtful questions and a deeper understanding of the complexity of governing the hashtag#EU. Thank you again for this wonderful experience and a special thanks to our own Elena Bucciero for coordinating this!

We thank all of the participants who took the time to attend this special visit.