UBI VCL showcase 2023

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As part of the final stage of their programme, our MBA students have the choice to take part in its Venture Creation Lab final project, where they produce a 3-year stage-gate execution plan to transform an innovative idea into a viable new technology venture. 

We would like to invite you to attend an online showcase of 3 projects which not only gives you a chance to learn about these exciting ventures, but develop possibly meaningful connections and opportunities to get involved directly or indirectly! 

Date: Thursday 15th June 2023
Time: 17:00 CET
Zoom meeting ID: 810 8206 7681
Passcode: 587509

The Navigator

Berat Bilim

“Unleash the Power of Electric Mobility: Join the Revolution!”

Prepare to witness an electrifying revolution that will reshape the entire automotive industry! A groundbreaking UBS report has unveiled a new trend: within a mere 18 years, all cars sold globally will predominantly be fully electric. Yet, a crucial challenge remains in the way of this transformative future—the charging of electric vehicles (EVs).

Imagine yourself as an EV owner in this remarkable era. The effort of finding a fast charger station becomes a daunting task, with a mere 0.38% chance of availability amidst the current growth rate. Even in the best-case scenario, charging overnight might seem like a solution, but what if a busy day distracts you from plugging in? Picture waking up the next morning only to find yourself stranded at home without a charged vehicle.

But fear not! We have the ultimate solution that eliminates all barriers. Through our groundbreaking technology, we remove the need for human interaction and revolutionize EV charging with autonomous robotic implementation. Not only will you enjoy effortless charging, but you’ll even have the freedom to easily park on the street.

To bring this groundbreaking vision to life, we are actively seeking investors interested in our vision, also passionate software & robotic engineers interested in our technology.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative journey. Together, let’s enable a future where electric mobility knows no bounds. Join us as we embark on this thrilling adventure, and thank you for considering this incredible opportunity to shape the world of tomorrow!”

TOPhealth App

Adeliya Sharafutdinova

Have you noticed that every day, the development of technology is increasingly changing the way of life we ​​are accustomed to? Online innovations are allowing us to save the most important resource today – time!

The outbreak of COVID-19 has given a new impetus to the development of telemedicine.  Despite the fight against coronavirus infection, other patients still need the advice of medical specialists. However, the fear of getting infected is increasingly pushing people to look for alternatives, namely, there is a need to seek advice online without leaving home, and without risking their health and the health of their loved ones.

The main idea of ​​TOPHealth is to create an application in the field of telemedicine, which will enable the population to receive the necessary and, most importantly, affordable medical care in a timely manner using all possible operating systems of the modern world, be it mobile devices, desktop or laptop computers. This application will help not only patients, but also doctors in obtaining / providing remote medical services without a physical presence in a medical institution.

The business model that I describe in my project involves two types of clients: patients who seek help from a doctor, and the doctor himself who provides services in the field of telemedicine. This applications brings about a number of benefits to both parties, namely:

  1. Time saved that was previously spent on finding a suitable clinic, on transport, waiting in line, and much more.
  2. Real possibility of social distancing, thanks to the remote way of providing services.
  3. Choice of suitable specialists through online catalogs, and analysing all the available information, reviews and recommendations before making an appointment, so patients can be confident in the effectiveness of the appointment.
  4. Physicians will be able to significantly increase the coverage of potential patients with the time saved, which in turn will have a positive effect on increasing their income.

The benefits provided by applications in the field of telemedicine are not at all limited to the points above, but analyses show that the business opportunity in this industry is promising with important growth predicted in the near future.

Today, in these difficult times, creating a new business is quite risky and problematic, but it seems to me that at the same time, the complexity of the current situation gives us the opportunity to come up with something not just new, but valuable in terms of usefulness, capable of solving problems,  that we encounter in everyday life. The chosen business model in the current market conditions has excellent prospects for which this set of strategic measures was developed to bring the business idea of ​ TOPHealth to light.

Ghosted Mobile App

Sebastian Christensen

Introducing Ghosted, the groundbreaking application that bridges the gap between the digital and in-person world, revolutionizing the way we meet people in crowded bars, nightclubs, and cafes. In a world where technology has transformed social interactions, Ghosted offers a safe, anonymous, and enriching experience that promotes local businesses and strengthens communities.
With 67.1% of the global population owning a smartphone and 62.5% being internet users, the paradigm shift caused by the digitization of our lives has reshaped socializing and information consumption across three generations.
Ghosted challenges this trend by creating an application specifically designed for those who are out and about. Unlike existing social media and dating apps, Ghosted only functions when users are physically present at a venue such as a nightclub, cafe, or bar. The application combines the features of a social media platform and a dating app, allowing users to create multiple avatars and explore different identities for each evening out.
Ghosted provides a safe and anonymous experience for shy individuals who are seeking meaningful connections. The application ensures privacy by instantly erasing all chat conversations and personal information when a user leaves the venue. Screenshots are blocked, providing users with peace of mind that no trace of their interaction remains once they exit the establishment.
Ghosted is more than just a dating app; it’s a platform that revitalizes local communities, encourages face-to-face interactions, and creates a space for individuals to express their desired personas for an evening. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional dating and social media applications and join the Ghosted community to discover a world where digital connections pave the way for real-life connections, with safety, anonymity, and enriched experiences at the forefront.