Guest speaker: Tarik Temiz from Toyota Motor Europe

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UBI Students will have an eye-opening guest lecture by Mr. Tarik Temiz, After Sales Logistics Manager from Toyota Motor Europe, who will dive deep into the intricacies of the Toyota Production System, Just-In-Time, and Lean Manufacturing. We are looking forward to the incredible firsthand insights he will provide into streamlining processes and maximising efficiency.

Guest lectures like these are a vital element of all our business school’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, injecting real-world insights and expertise into the academic journey. Students highly value these practical elements and opportunities to learn from industry leaders and apply these principles to shape the future of business.

We warmly invite our alumni to join us for this informative session on November 14th. Thank you once again to Mr. Temiz for dedicating your valuable time to what makes UBI Business School special in the eyes of our students!

Contact us to register!