Student and alumni enabled partnerships: Promendoza Argentina

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Since 1996, ProMendoza has worked to elevate Mendoza’s global presence, supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses in showcasing their products and services internationally. The institution provides strategic insights, engages in marketing and promotional activities, and develops tools to facilitate foreign trade opportunities, such as trade missions, international fairs, multilateral trade agendas, and business networking events with importers.

We are excited to share that three key officials from the Mendoza government are currently enrolled in our MBA program at UBI. Facundo Biffi, the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Economy, oversees the Statistics and Census Directorate. Estanislao Schilardi Puga is the Secretary of State for Hydrocarbons. Sebastian Piña serves as the Finance Director of the Potassium Company, Potasio Rio Colorado.

With the support of our current students and alumni, who have been instrumental in achieving these kinds of partnership, learn more about this initiative on our partner page.