Roger Claessens

BSc. Programme


Bachelor of Finance and Management, ICHEC, Institut Catholique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Brussels, Belgium

Selected Publications & Other Achievements

“A brief Introduction to accounting and financial analysis”, R. Claessens & S. Clemens, Unibook, 2008,,ISBN 97-8908-13485-08

“Branch Management” R. Claessens & P. Wiertz, Promoculture, 2006, ISBN 2-87974-069-X & Serbian    Bank Association, ISBN 86-7080-012-8 & Bank and Finance Academy of Tashkent, ISBN 978-9943-302-10-5

“Ethics, corporate values & prevention of money laundering”, Serbian Bank Association, 2006, ISBN 978-86-7080-015-1

“Marketing of financial services”, Serbian Bank Association, 2007, ISBN 978-86-7080-017-5

“Banking Fundamentals”, Serbian Bank Association, 2009; Promoculture, 2008 & “What is a bank?” Authorhouse 2010, ISBN 978-2-87974-085-0 & 978-1-4490-7985-

“Corporate Culture in Banking”, Authorhouse, 2011, ISBN 978-1-4678-8950-6

Professional Experience

Lecturer Fundamentals of Accounting, European Commission (BDO)  

AML & Governance, Frankfurt School of Management  

Lecturer of Strategic Management, United Business Institutes, Belgium

FEBELFIN Academy  AML, MAR & MIFID Directives

Managing Director, R. J. Claessens & Partners S.à.r.l. Training Company