Dr Peiman Alipour Sarvari

BSc & MSc Programme



Post Doctorate, LIST, Goodyear, Luxembourg

Post Doctorate, Koch Institute, MIT, USA

PhD, Industrial Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Master of Data Strategy and Governance, Berkley, USA


Selected Publications & Other Achievements

Sarvari, P. A., Martin, S., Grybauskas, A., & Baskurt, G. (2022). A Semiautonomous Approach for Strategic Decision-Making; an Application for Digital Transformation in Finance, Pre-print, Springer Nature, Artificial Intelligence Review.

Zigiene G, Sarvari,,P. A. Sustainability Assurance Green Bond Wallet (2022) CBS conference; Nordic Networking Seminar, organised by Centre of Corporate Governance at Copenhagen Business school

Baskurt, G., Martin, S. A., Sarvari, P. A., & Khadraoui, D. (2019, September). Open Data Availability and Suitability for Financial Analyses. In Global Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Its Application Areas (pp. 279-290). Springer, Cham.

Professional Experience

Full-Time R&D Associate, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg

Senior Trainer, Chamber of Commerce, House of Training Luxembourg, ATTF Luxembourg

National Fund Project Engineer, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

Project engineer, Anadolu Jet (Turkish airlines trademark)