UBI Business School Student Protection Plan


Purpose: This plan aims to protect the interests of students at UBI Business School across all campuses (Brussels, Luxembourg, and Shanghai) by ensuring continuity of education or financial compensation in the event of unforeseen closure or disruption.

Scope: Applicable to students enrolled in BSc, MSc, MBA, and DBA (Chinese) programmes validated by Middlesex University of London.

Risk Assessment

Risk profile of UBI:

The possibility of UBI Business School being unable to sustain its program offerings is exceedingly minimal, thanks to the school’s robust and secure financial status. The school dedicates itself to comprehensive business continuity planning, ensuring the continuous provision of its educational programs and the availability of crucial resources, even in the face of significant disruptions at the institution.

Moreover, UBI’s partner institution, Middlesex University of London, is a well-respected and esteemed educational entity. It too carries an extremely low risk of ceasing operations, further bolstering the stability and reliability of the educational offerings provided through their partnership.

However, UBI Business School could also be impacted by a range of external factors over which the school has limited control. These risk factors include:

Institutional Closure Risks:

  • Financial
  • Regulatory changes in the EU or
  • Accreditation issues in the EU or China affecting program
  • Natural disasters or pandemics affecting operations

Program-Specific Risks:

  • Changes in or termination of validation agreement with Middlesex University of
  • Local accreditation issues in any of the three

Operational Risks

  • Disruptions in key administrative or educational
  • Technology or cybersecurity

Degree Continuation Plan

  • Automatic Enrollment at Middlesex University: In case of closure, BSc, MSc, and MBA students will be automatically enrolled in corresponding programs at Middlesex University of London.
  • Special Arrangements for DBA Students in China: DBA students in Shanghai will not be transferred to Middlesex University but will receive a refund from UBI China’s reserve funds (~1.5M GBP).

Protection Measures 

A. Academic Records and Support

  • Documentation: Ensure all academic records are securely stored and easily accessible for transfer to Middlesex University or for refund processes.
  • Advisory Services: Provide counselling and advisory services to assist students during the transition or refund process.

B. Financial Safeguards

  • Reserve Funds: Maintain and manage a dedicated reserve fund of approximately 1.5M GBP (based on last audited statements as of 31/12/2022, UBI China has ~13.6M RMB of reserve funds) for refund purposes.
  • Transparency in Fund Management: Regular reporting and auditing of the reserve fund to ensure availability and transparency.

Contingency Plans

  • Alternate Arrangements: In case Middlesex University cannot accommodate all students, identify alternative institutions for student transfer. Currently, UBI has relationships with local Belgium colleges including KU Leuven, Vesalius College, and will continue to develop more partner institutions.
  • Additional Financial Support: Explore options for additional financial support for students who might face hardships during the transition.

Legal and Compliance Considerations

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the plan complies with educational regulations in the EU, UK and China.
  • Continuous monitoring: UBI to develop ongoing monitoring of changes in educational regulations in these regions to ensure plan remains compliant. Also will have the plan reviewed by legal experts to ensure it meets all legal obligations and protects the rights of students.

Implementation and Monitoring

  • Responsibility Assignment: UBI’s Senior Management Committee is responsible for implementing and monitoring the plan, in the event of a discontinuation of a programme or school.
  • Regular Review: Establish a schedule for regular review and updating of the plan to adapt to changing circumstances.

Communication Protocol

In the event that UBI Business School discontinues a program during the recruitment cycle or implements modifications to the program, we make it a priority to notify applicants at the earliest opportunity. This approach is aimed at minimizing potential disruptions to their application process. Where feasible, UBI Business School endeavors to present an alternative program in a related field of study or to offer the planned program for a different entry year. For example, MBA students can move into the MSc courses and vice versa. In cases where a suitable alternative program is not available, particularly for undergraduate applicants, UBI Business School is committed to assisting them in transferring their application to another institution.

When significant alterations are made to programs, or a decision is made to discontinue a program, students are informed by the program director. They are furnished with the necessary details to continue their studies and complete the program. Students have the opportunity to access advice through counselors, which serves as the primary contact point for general student inquiries. Here, students can obtain both general and specialized advice.

Additionally, the Campus Dean is available to offer expert advice and guidance on study alternatives.

  • Timely and transparent communication with students, faculty, and staff about any significant disruptions.
  • Establishment of a dedicated helpline and information portal for updates and guidance. UBI will also upload the details of this SPP plan on ubi.edu/spp
  • This Student Protection Plan is designed to ensure that UBI Business School remains a reliable and secure institution for higher learning, with robust measures in place to protect our students’ educational journeys and investments.

Version Dec 2023 – Next review Dec 2024