Soyer & Mamet

Founded in 1899 by Mr. Mamet’s great-grandfather, Soyer & Mamet functions as a broker for both individuals and small businesses to ensure informed and sound management of their insurance. As they’ve been doing for over a century, they focus on building relationships with their clients and providing them the best quality-price ratio for their insurance coverage by remaining independent of their suppliers, which are the majority of insurance companies. This quality customer service includes always taking the time to meet clients’ needs, as well as maintaining a team of agents who are each specialized in a different area of the insurance world. In addition to servicing small businesses in general, Soyer & Mamet have joined the Be Stronger asbl to support the world of entrepreneurs. This new initiative has pooled expertise to achieve strategic and technological advances in order to help entrepreneurs meet tomorrow’s challenges. In all aspects of their business, Soyer & Mamet maintain their values of loyalty, availability, and specialization to continue to provide their clients with the best possible insurance products and services.