Smart Cube

Smart Cube is a Luxembourg-based company specialising in Smart Building technology and energy monitoring. By mastering various communication protocols such as LoRa, M-Bus, and Z-Wave, Smart Cube offers a broad portfolio of tailored solutions to its customers. These solutions range from fully integrated homes with various smart living concepts, to renovations and smaller projects. Smart Cube ensures that any home can benefit from such technologies, making their customers’ lives more comfortable while reducing their carbon emissions.
Having been nominated for the ‘Innovation in Craftsmanship Award’ in the ‘Digital’ category, Smart Cube has established itself as a solid competitor among well-established companies in Luxembourg. This recognition highlights their dedication to innovation and quality in the Smart Building field. Smart Cube is constantly investing in new technologies to stay ahead in innovation. Through regular training sessions and professional development, the Smart Cube team maintains the capability to propose cutting-edge solutions to its clients. Among their innovations is the service Cubii, an essential tool for tracking building maintenance. This service simplifies life for both occupants and operators while reducing operational costs. Cubii will be foundational for the business moving forward, as it represents one of the stepping stones towards the digitalisation of real estate, creating data for analysis which will become increasingly important in the future due to limited resources and climate changes.
In response to growing market demand, Smart Cube has been continuously expanding since 2018, diversifying its solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry. 

We look forward to working together through internship and job opportunities for our students and alumni!