Indian Institute of Management, Indore

We are thrilled to announce that UBI Business School has signed a MoU with the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, a triple crown accredited institution renowned for its academic excellence.

This partnership aims to foster greater cooperation between our academic members, students, and research groups, paving the way for a host of collaborative opportunities:

  1. Promoting and encouraging the exchange of academic staff and students.
  2. Exchanging invitations to scholars and students to participate in academic
    activities such as exhibitions, lectures, conferences, symposia and workshops.
  3. Facilitating exchange of experiences and opinions to mutual benefit.
  4. Promoting and encouraging activities of joint research in fields of common
  5. Exchanging research and educational data, where possible, to be used for
    education and training purposes.
  6. Exploring joint programmes.

We look forward to the opportunities this partnership entails, representing a significant step towards in enriching student experiences, graduate employability and academic/research excellence at both institutions.

We thank prof Himanshu Rai and Mr Josh Lim and their team on both sides for making this collaboration a reality!