GB Strategy Studio

GB Strategy Studio is a Luxembourg-based leading innovation and sustainability consultancy.
As part of a dynamic network of innovation and entrepreneurship, GB works with professionals and have clients throughout Europe and South America.
They bring together experts in research, service design, business strategy, technology and marketing with the aim of promoting sustainability transformation.  
Together with their clients, they amplify a company’s capacity to deliver impactful services that yield superior results while being environmentally conscious.
Areas of focus
Market Strategies
  • Exploratory research to understand target audience
  • Improvement of customer experience
  • Refine or expand product/service offerings
  • Market research for new opportunities
  • Innovation management
Internal Process Optimization
  • Implementing end-to-end OKRs and continuous improvement processes
  • Identification of improvement opportunities
  • Project management for strategy implementation
  • Kick-start of projects by building a roadmap and implementation strategy
Sustainability Business Strategy  
  • Assess sustainability throughout the value chain
  • Identification of sustainable opportunities
  • Implementation of decarbonization practices
  • Incorporation of ESG indicators
  • Development of Sustainability Report (based on local and global guidelines)
Each project is custom-tailored, considering business needs and aspects, with a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to provide a relevant solution.
Projects typically progress through three phases:
1. Understand: Assessing the current service and exploring the challenge.
2. Co-create: A speculative phase defining the best solutions, involving necessary stakeholders.
3. Implement: Prototyping, testing, iterating the chosen solution, and serving as an ‘implementation front’ within the organization.
And can take shape as:
  • Customized Consulting Projects
  • Workshops and Trainings
  • Design Sprints
We look forward to collaborating with GB Strategy Studio which already includes the founder’s involvement as our lecturer for the BSc programme in Luxembourg!