Microsoft collaboration for Master in Management of AI & ML

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UBI Business School collaborates with Microsoft to offer a forward-looking master´s program in the management of AI and Machine Learning.

This collaboration aims to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate the AI-driven economy.

Starting from September 2024, UBI Business School will offer in collaboration with Microsoft a specialized Master’s program focused on AI and Machine Learning. The program integrates advanced Microsoft AI tools, including Copilot, as well as access to Microsoft’s suite of software such as Azure and Power BI. Students will gain practical experience in using these technologies, with a particular emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Data Management.

Furthermore, upon successful completion of the program, UBI students will be prepared to achieve two major Microsoft certifications: Azure AI Fundamentals, a certification that validates foundational knowledge of AI concepts and technologies within the Azure ecosystem, and Azure Data Fundamentals, a certification that covers essential data-related concepts and skills using Azure services.

The collaboration between UBI and Microsoft aims to empower graduates with the latest knowledge and capabilities. Graduates will be well-prepared to address the challenges of a dynamic, technology-led business environment and take a leadership role in the era of AI.

In sum, UBI Business School’s Master in Management of AI and Machine Learning, in collaboration with Microsoft, provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and apply cutting-edge technologies while preparing them to get valuable certifications. Microsoft’s involvement ensures that students receive practical training using industry-standard tools and platforms, positioning them for success in the evolving landscape of AI and data management.