Guest Speaker: La Fresque du Climat on Ethics and CSR

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Our bachelor students will have the honour of welcoming Thomas Pentecouteau from La Fresque du Climat as part of their “Ethics and CSR” module. He will share his inspiration and insights on their mission to address the global challenge of climate change, leveraging collective intelligence and creativity.

After his journey in Economics and diverse experiences in NGOs and insurance, Thomas pursued a Master in Research and Experimentation in Design. Since 2019, he has been at the forefront of coordinating the development of Climate Fresk in Spain as a facilitator, instructor, and coordinator of the association.

Thomas has played a pivotal role in guiding companies and public institutions through their transition, offering expertise on topics like climate science, biodiversity erosion, the impact of digitalisation, socio-cognitive biases, and economics.

We warmly invite our alumni to join us for this enlightening session.

Date: 07 March 2024

Time: 14:00-15:00

Contact us to register and obtain the Zoom link to the session.

Thank you, Thomas, for sharing your expertise and helping us understand the complex intersections of climate, economy, and society. Your passion for creating positive change is evident, and our students will gain valuable insights from your wealth of knowledge. 🌿 An additional thanks to Giovanna Buischi for organising this exchange!