Immersive Learning

What is an Immersive Learning Experience at UBI?


adjective .[ ɪˈmɜːsɪv ] providing, involving, or characterised by deep absorption or immersion in something (such as an activity or a real or artificial environment)

Customisation to different student profiles

to provide a learning experience that leverages each student’s skills and interests

Use of technology as a lever

to curate authentic and dynamic learning communities

Bridging academic knowledge

to real-world business practice

Hallmarks of an Immersive Learning experience at UBI

  • Key options reflected in curriculum design (languages, in-module topics, electives, integrative project)
  • Delivery model that provides participants flexibility in their learning journey
  • One-on-one coaching to support individual growth and development
  • Small-group discussions to ensure maximum interaction
  • Class sizes of 20 to 35
  • Purpose-built hybrid learning class room, connecting in-class and online participants
  • Structured learning supported by a customised Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), learner analytics and Web 2.0 platforms to facilitate continual learning
  • Multiple feedback channels to foster collaboration and constructive dialogue among students and faculty
  • Real world cases examined through simulators and case studies from world-class resources such as Harvard Business Publishing, to support authentic learning and critical thinking
  • Professional immersion via World Market Workshops and Meetings with Practitioners
  • Valuable work and entrepreneurial experience through selected internships and UBI’s Venture Creation Lab
  • Week-long international study trip to selected global financial centers
  • Co-teaching through the introduction of guest lecturers: bringing global practitioners to the classroom

Underpinned by UBI’s education philosophy

Promotion of collaborative learning

We create opportunities for collaborative learning, such as peer learning or peer instruction where students working in pairs/small groups discuss concepts and/or find solutions to problems, address misunderstandings and clarify misconceptions.

Development of critical thinking

UBI teaching activities aim at developing in students informed opinions to make business decisions based on evidence, on conceptual tools, and following a systematic approach to deal with managerial challenge.

Professional and academic guidance

Students are trained to relate these concepts to the business environment and are expected to be familiar with reputable business media, relevant journals, market/company reports, blogs, weblinks, etc.

Encouragement of independent learning

We promote the development of the individual (both personal and professional). Students are expected to take ownership and control of their learning process to learn by their own actions, as well as direct, regulate, and assess their own learning.

Demonstration of achievements

Understanding of management/business as a result of a combination of personal experience, relevant literature, motivation and guidance that leads to an improvement of practice.



Maria Altamira

Academic Quality Assurance Director | UBI Brussels
“UBI´s unique hyflex methodology provides a dynamic teaching and learning experience merging the physical world with the online reality of today´s business world. It combines high quality academic standards with the flexibility needed by professionals to develop their studies.”

Jean Pierre Munyarukiko

MBA student | UBI Brussels
“What I appreciate most about my learning experience is the structured yet flexible approach adopted by the lecturers in conducting the courses. Interactions were engaging and personal, even during online components of the programme. “