“Hello World” Event @Beci: Navigating Geopolitical Turbulence for Business Success

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Business leaders must remain vigilant about global political developments, anticipate potential risks, and adjust their strategies accordingly. Geopolitical tensions affect supply chains, market access, and investment environments, requiring executives to proactively address these challenges to protect their organisations’ interests and build resilience.

UBI Business School and its corporate partner, BECI / Enterprise Europe Brussels, is organising its first event of the “Hello World” series to educate Brussels companies with key and leading experts about the last trends of geopolitics and its influence on global business.


Why geopolitics, again?

Wars, friendshoring, deglobalisation, decoupling, technology restrictions

Russia, China, Taiwan, Middle East, Global South, Aukus (Australia, UK, USA), EU expansion

What do they mean for business?

By Gaston Fornes

UBI Business School

The ‘return’ of geopolitics: how to deal with it?

The “return” of state aid and national industrial policies (Road and Belt, IRA, Global gateway, BRICS+)

Changes in trade agreements – the end of WTO?

​Slower capital flows and international direct investment

Slowbalization, nearshoring, and stronger regional blocks

​Impact on inflation and potential GDP growth

By Ricardo Santos

European Investment Bank

Sustainable development: [renewable] energy in geopolitics

The green and just transition

New sources of energy, the role of Latin America

Opportunities for investments

Upgrading the production and market structures

Global Collaboration, new international partnerships

By Sebastian Nieto Parra


Beyond Bretton Woods: is it the end of the dollar dominance?

De-dollarization dynamics, are we moving away from traditional dollar dependency?

New development banks and geopolitics

The financial strength of Global South economies

Strategic insights and global influence of the Global South

What’s next?

By Alvaro Mendez

London School of Economics

Practical information

Date: 30 May 2024

Time: 17:00-19:30 CET

Location: BECI, Av. Louise 500, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium