Guest speaker: Tipsy Tribe Brewery & Distillery

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As part of the BSc programme’s “Sustainable Business, Entrepreneurship and Startups” module, we will have the honour of hosting Aylin Dirioz Fastenau, Co-Founder of Tipsy Tribe Brewery & Distillery, for a guest lecture on her journey in launching this venture.

Our students will have the opportunity to be inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, understand the importance of passion in pursuing such a business, appreciate the strength of a solid business plan, and recognise the challenges in bringing a business venture from idea to commercialisation.

We warmly invite our alumni to join us for this enriching session. On behalf of UBI Business School, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Aylin for dedicating her precious time to our students and enhancing their academic experience through the world of craft beer and spirits… cheers!

Contact us for more details and bookings.