Event: Ethnostratification in corporate Belgium

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Join us in our next UBI event from one of our corporate partners, Keep Dreaming.

Grégory Luaba Déome is a talent attraction strategist & diversity matchmaker. He is the co-founder of Keep Dreaming asbl/vzw and the manager of You BELong Project which aims at stopping the ‘ethnostratification’ in the labour market in Brussels. Since two years, the project is supported by the Brussels Capital-Region
as one of the innovative projects to tackle discrimination in hiring and the promotion of diversity.


In Belgium, your origin largely determines your working conditions and opportunity for career advancement. For talent of non-EU origin (including second and third generations), even with the same degree (high level education), their employment rates are lower than for talent of EU origin. In order to contribute to more inclusive workplaces, he is leveraging three main activities:

1) Speeches with senior leadership teams.
2) Diversity Outreach &
employer branding events with recruiters / talent managers.
3) Weekly podcast on LinkedIn about the lack of racial diversity & equity in corporate Brussels / Belgium.

He finalised a training in May 2019 with a certification as a search and recruitment consultant. His previous line of work was in the IT industry acting as the Contract and Project Manager of a public tender with an EU institution. Grégory believes that leadership has no race and that “talent is everywhere while opportunity is not”.

Sign up here: https://www.linkedin.com/events/7054035619324272640/