Building on a Strong Foundation

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A native of the Netherlands, Daphne Dijkstra relocated to Luxembourg when she joined UBI Business School. Passionate about business, she was originally interested in UBI’s programme because it was delivered entirely in English and offered a variety of courses that would support her long-term goal to become an entrepreneur. However, she quickly grew to appreciate the benefits of such small classes. The intimate class setting allowed her to ask questions during the lectures and discussions and get immediate answers from the teachers. This was a definite advantage compared to bigger institutions in the Netherlands, or elsewhere, where classes can number in the hundreds of students and it’s difficult to have your questions answered during class.

Daphne enjoyed her experience at UBI thanks to the welcoming culture of the school, and its administration and faculty. She appreciated how the professors delighted in sharing their professional expertise with the rising generation of students. She grew close to her classmates as they exchanged knowledge and progressed both academically and professionally through their academic and internship experiences. She values the epiphany moments she had with her classmates when they all collectively understood a concept. As UBI has such an international student body, she relished the discussions and conversations regarding their different perspectives and cultural biases as they learned more about each other and the global business environment.

Upon graduation in 2020, Daphne immediately began the two-year Master’s in Wealth Management program at the University of Luxembourg. She completed internships with D Group Capital and Dewitte & Partners. As an extrovert and a social person, she realised that she preferred private wealth management, as opposed to institutional wealth management, because of the human element. Near the end of her master’s programme, Daphne was selected to participate in the second annual VC Scholar Program organised by the LHoFT, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology.

Hosted by Pascal Bouvier, Managing Director & Co-founder at MiddleGame Ventures, and the wonderful people at the LHoFT, the VC Scholar Program is a three-week online program which teaches aspiring students the ins and outs of venture capital funds. Chosen from applicants worldwide through a rigorous application process, participants are paid to take a deep dive into the VC industry and have the chance to win an internship at MiddleGame Ventures and Fundcraft. Daphne was one of the ten applicants chosen, only four of whom were based in Luxembourg. The course consisted of lectures, Q&A sessions, and homework. Participants obtained an in-depth understanding of the research, analysis, selection criteria, and methods that investors use to decide whether to invest in financially innovative companies and startups. Daphne is grateful to have been chosen to participate and had an amazing experience in the programme, developing her career further in the process.

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I love my job, and I believe that UBI played a significant role in securing my current position and still contributes to my everyday success.

Since finishing her Master’s degree in August, Daphne has secured a position with D Group Capital as a Junior Wealth Manager. The real professional value of her UBI education has become all the more apparent since Daphne started working. She has realised that UBI gave her a broad and holistic foundation in business, with modules covering everything from human resources to accounting to operations management to business law. This comprehensive base allows her to connect the dots within an organisation, especially when solving problems both internally and externally. As a younger employee new to the team, she surprises people when she joins discussions on a multitude of business subjects and is able to ask in-depth questions to professionals specialised in their field.

Daphne loves her job because it is more project-based, which fits her dynamic personality well. She is constantly learning new things as she regularly finds herself facing new situations. She thoroughly enjoys the company she works for as it’s in her respective field of wealth management yet at the same time more entrepreneurial-minded.  The role also affords her the opportunity to work closely with all levels of management and make use of both her soft and technical skills. Daphne is grateful for her boss Dirk Dewitte, former Senior Partner at Deloitte and Founder & Managing Director of both Dewitte & Partners and D Group Capital, who is and has been a great mentor to her. Not only does she value her job, but she feels valued in her position which makes her work all the more rewarding.

Daphne recognises that the knowledge and experience she gained at UBI still contribute to her everyday success. Building on this foundation, Daphne’s drive and determination have already taken her far. We look forward to seeing where her ambition and perseverance take her in the future.