An Unyielding Pursuit Of Knowledge

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In this issue of our “student focus” series, we wish to share the awe-inspiring story of our BSc student, Gawaher Banhidarah, a Yemeni national who’s family underwent life changing circumstances for years until they had the opportunity to settle in Luxembourg.

Religious Persecution and the Journey to Freedom

In 2019, life took a major turn for her family due to religious persecution in Yemen. Being followers of the Bahai faith, the family was subjected to intense harassment in their home country where turning eighteen and being a Bahai often resulted in imprisonment. Unfortunately, her father, a successful architect who worked for Total, was imprisoned for seven years due to this prejudice.

Seeking a safer haven, the family requested protection from the European Union. While they received assurance of protection from the Prime Minister of Holland, it was the welcoming arms of Luxembourg that first offered them asylum.

However, their journey to safety was fraught with danger and uncertainty. The family had to travel incognito through treacherous mountain passes to book tickets from the south of the country to reach their safe haven. It was especially perilous for four women to navigate this journey alone while their father was still in prison.

Arrival in Luxembourg, a Safe Haven

Their initial destination was Sudan, where they stayed for four months, dealing with administrative procedures before they could move to Luxembourg. Once in Luxembourg, they found temporary shelter in various refugee camps including Lukoped, Mersch, and Soleuvre. The first few weeks were focused on assessing the family’s mental state due to their traumatic experiences.

Triumph Through Adversity: Arrival at UBI Business School

Having completed her schooling in 2017, the plan was to pursue an Engineering degree. However, Gawaher eventually joined UBI Business School’s British programme, allowing her the opportunity to transition smoothly into higher education within Europe.

Despite trials and tribulations, she has demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination in her personal, academic and professional journey. Her story is a shining example for all those who are facing hardships, proving that adversity can be overcome with courage, determination, and the power of education. We are proud to provide an inclusive platform for eager learners irrespective of their backgrounds and circumstances, fostering individual growth through academic rigour and a diverse, nurturing environment.

United in celebrating knowledge, diversity and heralding global talent, UBI Business School continues in its unwavering commitment to creating future business leaders in a responsible, innovative and accessible manner.